Those who have done the Purification Program describe their resurgence of energy and outlook
Everything just seems to flow better since I completed the Purification Program. One of the biggest wins came from flushing out many years of alcohol consumption. That foggy feeling is gone and I am fully in the present. Now, when I’m in a business meeting, I’m much more able to concentrate on solutions being discussed. I am magically meeting people who are a great fit for what my company offers, and I am much better prepared for taking on new challenges.
I now wake up a lot more ready to go since I completed the Purification Program. Suddenly I realized I was getting more done in a day and less and less went on tomorrow’s to-do list. Now I complete a task and don’t even think about it, as I have something done in my mind and know the outcome before it’s done, which is great! My recall is a lot better. Things are much clearer now! —Dan P
The effects of drugs and toxins are so insidious; I really had no idea until I sweated them out. My thinking became clear and easy and I became happier and happier. Drugs and toxins are the bottom level barrier to real spiritual progress. —Corey I
The world has become more observable, real and beautiful with my progress through the Purification Program. In the past, I would have periods of feeling dull or stupid, with a mental haze impeding my thinking. I noticed that my perceptions improved. My curiosity returned and I have no back-off on asking “why” when I notice something. I can now recognize patterns in things and it is easier to see why something might be the way it is. And a real breakthrough came when a mathematical concept clicked for me, and I realized I could understand advanced math concepts again, after being somewhat ruined on math for years after college. There is so much life out there to be lived, and I’m ready to go live it. —Jeremy B
A situation that had been affecting me for years was handled during the Purification Program. Stuff turned on and cleared out that I had no idea was even there—things that had been sitting in the body for over 55 years, and affecting me every day. When it came out on the program I realized what was happening and what it was. I kept at it on the program every day, and then finally everything was all out, gone! And I was better. I suddenly found myself much more cheerful, full of energy, active and interested in my work and in life, sleeping well. —Reuvein M, Consultant